What are Email Forwarding Services and How Do They Protect Your Privacy?

Tired of juggling between multiple email providers to send and receive personal and work emails? Have a professional demand or personal preference to share your email address with a few, trusted contacts? An email forwarding service provides the privacy and convenience you seek.

What exactly is an email forwarding service?

When you sign up with an email forwarding service, you’re setting up an alias email address that will receive all mails sent to you and route them to one or more of your actual (existing) email addresses. So, if you want to give up your Yahoo email and move to an alternative provider, you can make the jump without the need to change your alias address.

If you’ve been stuck with a lengthy, unprofessional or unmemorable email address, email forwarding offers the opportunity to create a memorable or more professional-sounding email address.

Email forwarding is a solution to efficient email management, especially if you’re too busy to sign in and out of multiple email accounts to check your daily mail. You can organize email from various trusted or legitimate sources within a single inbox.

Email forwarding keeps your email address private

Spam accounts for over a majority of email traffic: not all spam are harmless promotional emails; many are malicious, intending to damage or hijack user systems. Email is a target of hackers. Almost 94% of malware arrives on computers via email. You don’t have to be a high net-worth individual, celebrity or an executive at a top company to become a target of data thieves.

There are some ways to ensure secure, private email, including encrypting your email, using two-factor authentication, and setting expiration dates on your messages so that sensitive emails don’t stick around in your inbox for months together. Email forwarding is also a reliable way to keep your personal account confidential.

  • You have a business email address that’s in the public domain. You’re starting to get many unsolicited messages to this address. Some of your acquaintances and perhaps a few family members are also continuing to send emails to this address. Rather than having them update their address book with your personal email address, you can set up email forwarding to automatically redirect messages from the individuals you trust to one of your personal accounts.
  • If you have a personal website from years ago that shares your email address, it is likely that you may be receiving a lot of spam and some business opportunity emails in there as well. You can, instead, replace your personal account with an alias email address on your website, and redirect email from this alias for only specific addresses, such as [email protected] or any email address ending in “@services.com’, depending on who or what kind of emails you wish to receive.
  • Email forwarding services offer options that can work very well for your situation. Among them is to set up your account to automatically forward emails that are in reply to an existing thread. This comes in handy when you’re away on a vacation and only need to see email replies to existing conversations.
  • If you’re a business and own a business domain abcflorist.com, you can create a professional alias address [email protected] After the email forwarding plan you’ve chosen is activated, mail servers will automatically forward all incoming customer emails to a regular account, say [email protected] Under this arrangement, you can also choose to exclude some customer or supplier email addresses and maintain the privacy of your business account.
  • Email is one of the least secure forms of email communication. When your email account has been compromised and you’re in the midst of taking appropriate action, an email forwarding service can prevent additional services from being affected.

Email forwarding providers allow you to set up rules to forward email and stop spam. You can redirect emails from your alias account to multiple private accounts. NullBox is one, using which you can create any number of ‘boxes’ or disposable public email addresses. Each box can have unlimited forward addresses.

A look at how NullBox works

Email privacy service NullBox offers monthly and yearly plans for individuals and businesses seeking to keep their regular email addresses safe behind disposable email addresses. A 14-day free trial is available.

After you sign up, you can create a box and set up forward addresses. NullBox supports PGP, allowing you to associate your public key to each of your forward addresses or auto-generating unique key pairs per box.

You can add your personal email accounts to which the disposable addresses you’ve generated will redirect the emails they receive. Depending on your purpose for using email forwarding, you could either collect emails into one email address or assign them to different business email addresses.

Try NullBox to see if it meets your requirements and enhances email privacy.

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