EU Store Reopening

Update, 13 June: Since reopening, several customers have reported that they were unable to order as their delivery addresses were reported ineligible for delivery by our store. This is an issue with our courier partner’s software, and we have been investigating it. As of this update, their support staff has not been able to resolve the issue, and our complaint has been escalated. We will continue to update you on our progress.

In the meantime, several people have reported that accessing the store through a different device resolved the issue for them, so we would encourage you to try that. Other potential workarounds include accessing through a VPN, ordering to a friend’s address, or creating a new account. We have not been able to detect a pattern on which addresses are accepted and which are not, so even a different address in your city may work fine.

Chronopost support has not been able to resolve the issue with our EU Store today yet either. Our issue is being escalated further.

In the meantime, our advice for anyone unable to order is to keep trying. Some people reported that their addresses were accepted if they accessed the store from a different device than the one they tried to order from originally, or if they created a new account.

Thank you all for your patience! We hope we’ll have good news for you soon!

This update is a little later than we’d originally hoped, but we are pleased to announce that the EU Store will be re-opening! With RainbowMonkey’s recovery now in a good place the EU Store will once again be available to take your orders on June 10th, 2024.

Just like when we first opened, we ask for your patience while the initial rush of orders are processed and shipped out. This will likely take a week or two, after which we will be able to process orders in a more timely manner.

While efforts were made to continue mailing out packages of pending orders during our closure, there are still a number that are outstanding. We apologize to those of you still waiting and assure you that we have not forgotten you! Starting this week and in the lead up to June 10th, we will be processing these orders, with the aim to have them all in the mail prior to reopening.

We’re very appreciative of your patience, kind messages, and support following our original closure, and are looking forward to being able to resume local EU service!


  • Dave “Redemptor” Thomas

    Dave is on the Distribution team (Canada) for NSG and also answers your support emails. He’s been playing Netrunner since 2023 and favours Criminal and HB. He generally suffers from having too many hobbies.