Patreon Shutdown and Overdue Rewards

The team at Null Signal love seeing the way all of our fans support us, from playing and advocating for the game, to volunteering at events. Your continued support has helped Null Signal grow into something bigger and better than we had ever imagined it could be, and your without your support we could not be in the position that we are today.

One of the happy side effects of this growth is that we have no longer become reliant on crowdfunding to support our set production. With these changes to our funding model, we will be shutting down our Patreon in September 2024.

We are aware that we are behind on some of our rewards, and we’d like to personally apologize to everyone who has not yet received their wallpapers. We fell behind as everyone who had managed Patreon either left NSG or moved to different positions within it, and by the time the new people were up to speed the backlog had mounted and it became a time consuming task. As of yesterday, all current Patreon backers should have received an email with a link to all owed wallpapers, plus a few extras as an apology for our inconsistency in keeping up with these. As a thank you to everyone who supported us on Patreon over the years and bearing with their rewards being frequently late, we’d like to invite all lapsed subscribers to email us, even if you’ve stopped subscribing before now, so we can send you some rewards as well!

The best ways to support us continue to be teaching others how to play, buying our products, and attending events. However, we realize that some people will still prefer to support us through direct donations instead, and we have therefore set up an account on Ko-fi in place of Patreon in order to enable that option. This alternative will allow us to continue to focus on development, distribution, and live events without the extra work of offering rewards – it will purely act as a tip jar.

We want to extend a gracious thank you to everyone who has supported us via Patreon over the years! Our early and enthusiastic supporters are an undeniable part of why we have been able to continue to support the game of Netrunner and help it grow. 


  • Ben Pack

    Ben is a Product Manager for Null Signal Games. He has been playing Netrunner since 2014. He figures in another 10 years he might start to get decent at it.