World Championship 2024: Ticket Sales & Discord Server

Hello to all of you wonderful runners and devious corporations!

We’re bringing you the latest on the Null Signal Games 2024 World Championship! This is the biggest in-person event of the year, open to anyone who wants to play a lot of Netrunner. This year we are hosting Worlds at the prestigious Hyatt Regency San Francisco Hotel, near Embarcadero Waterfront, on the weekend of October 18-20.

Tickets go on sale Tuesday June 18th, at 9am PDT (UTC-7), at this link.

(Click here to convert that time to your local time zone.)

A ticket for the whole weekend will cost $75 USD. That will grant you access to all the events from Friday to Sunday, including Friday’s Team Event, Saturday’s Main Event and Sunday’s Top Cut, as well as the Startup event and all side events.

If you have applied to be a volunteer, do not purchase a ticket yet! If you are selected to volunteer, you will not need to purchase a ticket to worlds, so please wait until later in the month when we send email responses to volunteer applicants. We are setting aside tickets for unsuccessful volunteer applicants and those waiting for the results of applications to Run Together, so you don’t need to worry about tickets running out.

NOTE: If you are a 2024 Continental or National Championship winner, please reach out to us at op@nullsignal.games to claim your free ticket. If you buy a ticket, but subsequently win a National or Continental Championship, your ticket price will be refunded. Winners who are unable to travel to this year’s World Championship will be permitted to roll over their invite for one year. Any tickets reserved for winners who will redeem it next year or have already bought one will be released for sale at a later point (to be announced).

In addition, we have prepared a Discord server for everyone attending to use. We will be using the Discord server to post announcements and other information specific to the event. Attendees can use it to find roommates, assemble teams for the Crown of Servers event, plan side events, share recommendations for food and ask about anything else you might need. If you plan on attending the event we highly recommend you join the server:

We will be providing further details on volunteering, prizing and scheduling for Worlds 2024 over the course of the summer. We look forward to seeing you in San Francisco!


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