Tournament Spotlight: NANPC 2024

Today we will be spotlighting another series of tournaments not organized by NSG Organized Play, in the second of a short series of articles on these community-run circuits To do this we’ll hand over the baton to one of the organizers of the North America Netrunner Players Circuit, Eric “Whiteblade111” Keilback!

2024 is an exciting year for both UK as well as North American Netrunner, with the introduction of a circuit of Netrunner tournaments not organized by NSG across the continent: the North America Netrunner Players Circuit (NANPC). These events are being run across North America this year. Featuring unique and generous prize support, competitive players from around the continent, and exciting side events, NANPC tournaments are a highlight of the North American competitive season!

These regionals-style events typically take place over a weekend, with the Swiss rounds taking place on the Saturday and the top cut on Sunday. So, you can come solely for the Netrunner (a perfectly good option!) OR you can make it a long weekend trip and hang out in the area with other like minded Netrunners (highly recommended!).

Participants at NANPC events can expect our standard participation prizing, the NANPC alternate art Fermenter drawn by Scott Uminga, and NANPC dice! Players also earn circuit points by playing in any NANPC event. The top 8 players on the circuit points leaderboard at the end of the season will earn special prizes. In addition, each individual tournament’s organizer adds extra unique prizing, so keep an eye on our website for more information!

Previous Events

Earlier events have already drawn significant interest:

With the NANPC circuit nearly halfway through its season, we have even more exciting events happening later this year!

Upcoming Events

NANPC Philadelphia

NANPC San Francisco

  • When: July 20
  • Where: 442 San Mateo Ave, San Bruno, CA 94066
  • Unique prizes include: Tollbooth / Foil Tollbooth for top finishers
  • AlwaysBeRunning page
  • Buy tickets

NANPC Seattle (Cascadia, U.S. West Coast Nationals)

More Information:

If you want to stay up to date with the NANPC, check out our website at nanpc.games. There you can find out tournament information, additional prizing, event recaps and more! We hope to see you out on the circuit this year!